As a writer and a photographer, I have now combined my two forms in this website by adding stories to my pictures. The images are drawn from nearly 40 years of photography, going back to my early-teens. The text, of course, is brand-new; but my writing also goes back with me to my early-teens. I’ve always been ambidextrous with words and images, never really favoring either medium. They’ve always shared a similar tone—pulling from the same place in my personality—and each has always been documentary in content. But I’d never fully combined them until 2011.

Using the photos as writing prompts to produce short non-fiction—it suddenly seems so obvious. And now I feel that I’ve got an ongoing project which builds on itself, amounting to a sum that’s greater than its two parts, worth pursuing further. So I’m going to continue here, sorting, constructing, and fitting together semi-interconnected vignettes. Consequently, this website—while not exactly a “photo blog”—will have a work-in-progress quality, as I shape the parts toward a bigger narrative whole, which, at a minimum, should result in a book. (Oakland House Press, circa 2015.)

(Working cover for “AMATEUR”)


Born in 1960 in San Francisco, I grew up in nearby Martinez, where I attended neighborhood public schools, kindergarten through twelfth grade. Then I continued into my adulthood, mostly back in San Francisco, attending San Francisco State for degrees in creative writing (B.A., 1982) and American history (M.A., 1988). I have also lived in Chico, Berkeley, and a growing number of years in Oakland (where I am now settled).

Many of the images featured here are from my book, Relationships (Oakland House Press, 2008), a photography monograph, available at Amazon.

Much of my biography—in addition to that contained in the stories found on this website—can be found in short summary, and many links, at terrycarroll.com. But I do need to introduce Linda:

Linda plays a big role here in most of my illustrated images from 1983-on. We’re married, having met and fallen in love in the winter before we both turned twenty-three. Like everything I do, what appears in the pages of this website is dedicated to her.


(Photo of me—at a peat bog in Kells, County Meath, Ireland—by Linda Dardarian, 2012.)